Ghost Paints and Quarter Horses
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Quarter Horses
Old Tom Cat, Continental Kat, Leo, The River Tramp, Gray Badger II, Piggin String,
Red Cowboy, Midnight Jr. and Red Dog

Paint Horses
Out of Quarter Horse mares by homozygous paint stallion with Extensive Quarter Horse breeding.
His pedigree includes Peter McCue, Sugar Bars,
Q Ton Eagle and Yellow Mount

Appendix Quarter Horses
Sired by Brentwood Style TB.
Bold Ruler, Count Fleet, Man O'War
and Native Dancer

Top Quality
Fillies, Mares, Geldings and a Stallion

Priced to Sell

Our horses are bred for temperament. They often adjust to fit the rider's experience level.
Video 1, below, shows an inexperienced rider and Video 2 shows an experienced rider on same horse.

Video 1 Just Learning    -    Video 2 Same horse - experienced rider

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